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Senior Architect - GCP


Job Requirement
Shell/Python Script/Power Shell , Groovy/Go
Terraform,  Google Deployment ManagerAnsible,Chef Audit logging :  Cloud Audit Logs  Logging: Cloud logging Monitoring:  Cloud Monitoring  Performance tracing : Cloud Trace  [Cloud Monitoring, Logging & Diagnostics] Cloud Source Repositories,Git, BitBucket, GitHub, GitLabArtifact Registry ,Cloud Source Repository,Container Registry,Cloud Build, Cloud Deploy,Google Cloud's Operations Suite Jenkin/Bamboo/HarnessContainer orchestration : Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) Container Registry : Artifact Registry  Service mesh  : Anthos Service Mesh/ISTIO service mesh Linux/WindowsObject storage: GCP Cloud Storage  Backup and archive  : Cloud Storage Archive  File Storage:  Google persistent DiskIAM: Identity and Access Management  Certificate management  : Certificate Authority Service   Secret management : Secret Manager Security administration : Cloud Key Management Service Code Quality and Code Security : SonarQube GCP Cloud Security Scanner, Cloud Security Command Center  Container Security : SnykGoogle Cloud Virtual Network, Google Cloud Interconnect ,Cloud Load Balancing,Cloud DNS